Tips And Tricks

September 28th, 2022


Have you ever wondered how you should store your appliances? For optimal care, there are a few steps to take before simply unplugging them and placing them in your storage unit!

Step 1) Find a climate controlled unit

It's important that all of your appliances including your refrigerator, washer and dryer, microwave, stove, etc., are all stored in a temperature controlled self storage unit. These temperature regulated storage units will protect your appliances from the Minnesota cold winter and humid summers.

Step 2) Clean & remove water

After emptying your appliances, remove water hoses and inside components such as the filter or tank, so the item can properly defrost and dry. Once the inside is dry, you can wipe your appliance thoroughly from all food residue including stickiness, crumbs, oils, etc.! Storing these items without doing so can cause major damage due to rodents and mildew after being stored for any period of time.

Step 3) Tape all doors

When you are ready to start packing up your appliances, use storage tape to ensure all doors on the appliances are securely shut during the moving process. Avoid taping excessively, as you will want to leave these appliances open once they are stored in the unit to allow continuous airflow, preventing mold.

Step 4) Wrap up your appliances

Just like any important household item, you will want to carefully wrap your appliances with moving supplies such as bubble wrap or plastic wrap for extra protection. You can even use household items such as blankets and towels during transportation to avoid scratches and dents. Town Centre Self Storage should have all of these items in store, including our other stores surrounding the metro area.

Step 5) Transporting appliances

Once you are ready to load appliances into your moving truck, place them upright, and make sure to tie down with moving straps. If you don't have moving straps and dollies to help with loading, call your self storage provider to see if these moving supplies are available to rent with your truck rental.

Step 6) Use a cover when storing
For both long and short term storage, covering your appliances with a light plastic cover will keep unwanted debris and dust off. This will keep your appliances looking as good as new! Reach out to any of our Mayflower Properties locations for any tips and tricks!

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