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Calculating storage unit size based on truck load So, you have your moving truck packed and you're headed to one of our storage facilities surrounding the twin cities in Minnesota to unload it into your brand new storage unit. You have a couple of key pieces of information, but you still can’t figure out what size storage unit you need. a) You know the size of the truck but you have no idea what size storage unit you need. Or, b) Your moving company tells you that you have a 7,000 pound truck load but when you go to reserve your storage unit online your options are 5’x5′, 10’x10′, 10’x20′, etc. Now, this is quite a math equation. If you are loading up a moving truck to bring items into storage but you do not know what size storage unit you need, you’re in the right place! Our managers at Town Centre Self Storage, Tonka Self Storage, Gopher Mini & Outside Storage, New Hope Storage, Knollwood Self Storage, Lakeville Dodd Storage, Coon Rapids Storage, Highway 8 Self Storage, Meadowbrook Self Storage and Airlake Self Storage are all here to help! Let our trained professionals take that weight off of your shoulders! They can recommend moving supplies, strategies to organize your space for optimal use, whether you need climate controlled or standard storage and much more!Other helpful links: How to properly store photos, Tips for decluttering, How to move quickly. ...

July 23rd, 2021


Tips And Tricks

HOW TO PROPERLY STORE AWAY YOUR PHOTOS Photographs are memories. You want to be completely assured that they are protected during storage. There are numerous factors to consider when storing your oh so precious reminders of the past. As you read further, you’ll understand the suitability of climate-controlled storage to prevent mold, mildew, and fading. Keep in mind that we are discussing developed, not digital, photos. Choose the Proper Containers for Your Photos Do not make the mistake of purchasing the cheap albums and boxes for your photos as the quality doesn’t provide you the protection you will need. They could potentially contain acids or adhesives that can harm, age, and degrade your photos. Look for items that are archival quality: photo safe, acid, lignin, and PVC free. Contact Town Centre Self Storage to speak to one of our trained managers for tips and moving supplies. Properly Load Your Photo Containers Even archival quality storage containers will not protect your photos if not filed properly.Overfilling an album can cause your pictures to bend or crease. If photos are not affixed properly, they can fall out of your album resulting in loss or damage. Overfilling a photo box causes the same problems as an overfilled album. Underfilling allows pictures to move around, causing curled or frayed edges and scratches. Additionally, it can cause your photos to stick together in either circumstance. If your box isn’t full, use archival quality dividers to prevent shifting or sticking. Town Centre Self Storage can provide you with wrapping paper/newsprint/packing paper to help take that additional step in protecting your photographs. It’s okay to stack photos loosely if you’re not storing in a humid or high temperature environment but for extra precaution, Town Centre Self Storage has the moving supplies you need.Some additional recommendations: Do not use tape or glue to affix photos in albums. Mount photos only on archival paper. Never hold photos together using paper clips or rubber bands. It’s not a good idea to store ...

July 13th, 2021