Will it Fit in a 5x10 Storage Unit?


Will it Fit in a 5x10 Storage Unit? MEADOWBROOK SELF STORAGE Self Storage, Size Guide, 5x10, Storage Questions, Moving Supplies, Self storage locations Minnesota, Truck rental, How to Move Quickly! For those who are new to self-storage, the vast array of options can seem very intimidating. Whether you are downsizing, moving out of a college dorm, or simply decluttering, Meadowbrook Self Storage is here to help. We offer the expertise of our on-site managers to assist you in picking the right-sized unit. You can also check out this self storage size guide and calculator for other storage units sizes located at Meadowbrook Self Storage. Figure out what you need to store The first plan-of-action is to set aside or take note of everything that you need to store at Meadowbrook Self Storage. Take an inventory of furniture, boxes, and appliances and decipher what you would need to fit. This is often the stage where you can declutter and donate, or throw away items that are no longer needed. Make piles of smaller items, or neatly pack them into boxes so that you can visualize what you are keeping. While noting larger items, it is recommended to measure each item as sometimes they can be stored vertically, rather than horizontally. You can reach out to Meadowbrook Self Storage to assist you with all of your moving supplies and recommendations. What can you fit in a 5x10 unit? A 5x10 unit at Meadowbrook Self Storage is perfect for those “closet cleanout” projects due to it being compared to the size of a walk-in closet. Let Meadowbrook self storage put things into perspective, the lists of items below will all fit comfortably in a 5x10. ● Bedroom Furniture (dresser and nightstands) ● Twin or Queen Size mattress (Do not forget to purchase your mattress covers at Meadowbrook Self Storage) ● Large Appliances (example: dishwasher) ● Bicycle’s● Office Furniture - desk, chairs, electronics, etc. ● Mid-sized Boxes or Storage Containers. Another way to think of it is that this ...

April 22nd, 2021

How to Move Quickly!


How to Move Out Quickly! Planning a move and having months to pack is already a huge task in itself. If you have found yourself looking to move in less than a week, well, that is a bigger obstacle. You may think it is impossible to pack and move all of your belongings in your home within a few days, but with Coon Rapids Storage’s help and a strong mindset, you can move out of your home quickly and easily! Step 1) Begin packing immediately Start by packing the most challenging room in your house, which is most likely your kitchen or basement. These rooms tend to have a lot of separate household items that require more time to pack than other rooms. Do not procrastinate on packing, as it often takes longer than you anticipated! Do not forget to pick up your moving supplies from Coon Rapids Storage in advance! Get the proper packing supplies Click here for a list of supplies Coon Rapids Storage offers. We have all the necessities needed to pack your items safely and conveniently. Create a keep, throw away, and donate pile for each room The less stuff you have, the less time your move will take. Do not be afraid to get rid of items that are no longer needed. If you have not used the item in over a year, you can probably live without it! If you know where you are moving to next, think about how much space your new home will have. Make sure to downsize accordingly so you are not stuck moving with objects you don't have space for! Pack one room at a time When you are in a time crunch, it is easier to organize and pack all of your items in one room at a time. This way, your moving boxes will be full and organized according to each room and will make ...

April 12th, 2021